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Lifting platform
High quality track-type lifter
Release time:2016-08-8
High quality track-type lifter

High quality track-type lifter

1Operating table,loading weight,elevating height can be designed and manufactured   according to the consumer’s demands.

  Specific specification and model can be designed and manufactured according to the   consumer’s demands

2 Scope of application:

 Track-type lifter use for two- or three-story industrial buildings,restaurants.

 The equipments apply to use frequently and large loading weight 

3 Rising velocity: 4-5m/min

4 Lift Drive/Actuation:Hydraulic         Power :2.2kw/3 kw

5 Rated loading Capacity : 50T

6 Lifting Height :80mm-200m           Min. Height:150-300mm

7 Max overall Dimensions(mm) according to your requirement

8 Lift Drive/Actuation:Hydraulic 

9 Other features:

 There is a scroll to control 


Shandong Harmowell Trade Co., Ltd Mob: +86 135 531 70827
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